FREE 2018-LDS Primary Sharing Time Assignment Bands

I got sick of filling out the primary bands every sunday, so I filled them out for the whole year.

I wrote the dates, put the themes on the talks, and the assigned scriptures, in the back I put blank bands incase we need them, or incase someone using this has more assignments then we do.

I hope this helps you, please share with a primary presidency that you love and save them tons of time. Pinterest HERE Facebook HERE

The free printable is down below. You can also purchase on Etsy HERE if you want to support me in my designs.


Click here for the free printable

Paper Nativity Craft

This craft is fun and easy to make and share. We like to mail them missionaries, soldiers that are deployed during Christmas, and other loved ones that live far away.

1)take any piece of paper 
2-3)fold it one or two times to the length you want 
4-6) then one or two times the other direction to make it square
7-8) now that your paper is square fold each corner to the center
9-10) then fold just the tip of each point back
11-12) flip it over and put Baby Jesus on top

1) take a paper fold it in half and cut a notch out of both sides then unfold
2) with white side face up, fold the top of the paper down
3) fold in half with colored sides facing each other 
4) bring corner of the folded top down and fold down leaving a 
bit of white on the folded side, same thing on the other side
5) fold each side in on the loose edge
6-7) one more fold that looks like this on each side
9) if it stands up  you did it right
For the WISEMEN glue anything to look like treasure
For the SHEPHERDS and ANGEL use pipe cleaner
For MARY you can cut the bottom down to make her shorter

1) this is the folder that doubles as a background
2) take a manila folder and cut it into this shape
where my thumb is holding the envelope that is where you fold up
3-4) here are close ups 3 of the left side 4 on the right side
5) fold the edges, glue them and place your people inside

I hope you have fun creating these and sharing them!
Christmas is a special time to celebrate the birth of 
Jesus Christ and this craft is perfect for the season.

May the true spirit of Christmas be with you

How to get rid of carpet lines from furniture

We have moved a lot 9 times in the last 9 years to be exact

I decided I've become a moving expert and I need to start
sharing all my knowledge I've gathered through the years

how to get rid of carpet lines from the last owners furniture

we moved into this... we could see exactly where the last owners dresser had been.
We don't have a dresser we just put a few baskets in our master closet and 
try to only keep clothes we love. So we had nothing to cover this

When our Realtor came to see how we were settling in she gave us this tip
1.Put ice in the impression and let it melt
2. after carpet has soaked up the water message it around
3. in a few days it should start to go away
4. if not repeat :)

Reasons I am loving Daily Burn 365

1. My first month was FREE
This was important to me because I didn't want to spend money on a program I wasn't going to be able to stick to. I liked have 30 days to see if it was right for me without financial stress. After 30 days I was able to confidently start my subscription knowing that this is the best investment for me.
Click this link for a FREE 30 DAYS
2. I can work out from home
There are many reasons this fits my lifestyle
-Saves me time. The time it takes me to get ready, get the kids ready, pack the kids up in the van, drive to the gym, put my children in the kid center (if the kid center isn't full) takes a lot of my time, and then when I'm done with my workout I have to do it all again in reverse.
-I work harder. I get self conscious in the gym but not at home. I wear whatever I want or don't want to. No one is watching me (except the occasional kid that wakes up early to cheer me on) and I don't have to watch myself in all those mirrors. The result is nothing gets in my way of getting ugly sweaty, red in the face, in my PJ's.
-Nothing prevents me from getting my workout in. Sick kids, bad weather, sleeping in and missing my class, these were all things that used to get in my way when I worked out at the gym. Now I sweat on Snow Days, I workout with fevering kids, and if I miss my morning usual I make up for it during nap time.
3. Everyday is a new workout with a variety of Trainers
-We all know it is important to have variety in our workouts not just for our bodies but to keep things interesting. This is my favorite part of 365 every single day is a different workout and I don't have to worry about any of it, I just follow what the trainers have put together for the day. A variety of Trainers also keeps it fresh and I love how it never feels boring or mundane, I know I'm going to experience something new to try every day. They also have other programs you can try but I mostly do Daily burn, on Sundays I try to keep it a day of rest and might do yoga if I feel like it. One particular day I found a workout just not giving me what I needed and so I chose another video from their extensive library and did that workout instead.
4. It is Live with familiar faces.
I love working out LIVE with the 365 group. This factor is what sets Daily Burn apart from recorded workouts you can buy. With the recordings I was always skeptical, they could be editing out breaks they are taking or mistakes they made, and even though I'm suppose to do the workout every day they aren't doing it with me, no they just recorded it once and are done. I have connected with the live workouts because the people you worked out with yesterday are just as sore as you and you can see them struggle to do some moves your struggling with, they are in it with you day by day and their are so many different people, men, women, pregnant, postpartum, skinny, not skinny, old, young, different ethnicities, and they all inspire me in different ways.

5. I can work out any where, no equipment required

 I usually workout in the morning, while my kids get ready for school, downstairs on the Apple TV. But I can work out anywhere. When Family came over I quietly worked out in my room on my phone, and when we go on our family trip, I'm going to take my iPad and do my workouts on vacation. I also like getting a great workout without having to have a lot of equipment. Where would I put workout equipment? and again it makes it so I can workout anywhere, anytime.
6. I am sticking with it
I was really concerned about being able to stick with a program, but because if all the reasons mentioned above I have been able to stick with this program. I have ran into two challenges, I have hurt my knee and I got a head cold. Both days I just modified the moves which they help you do, and kept going. This has been a big boost to my confidence, and that confidence boost has helped me with other daily things I am trying to tackle :)
7. I am getting stronger
I was surprised how much stronger I have felt since starting, even the difference in just one week. When I started I couldn't do a burpee, A BURPEE people, and in one week I tried again and was able to do it with ease. I notice everyday how much stronger I am. Stairs are easier, keeping up with the kids is easier, we currently moved, and moving boxes around is becoming easier. I have more balance, I'm standing taller, my everyday movement feels better. The first week I wasn't seeing weight results, but it didn't bother me that much because I loved the energy and strength I felt

8. I am seeing healthy results
The second week I started seeing physical results on the scale and my overall body shape. They are slow results 1-2 pounds a week, but this is the right way to lose weight and I've decided to be patient and enjoy the process, and can I say it again... I AM LOVING IT!

If you think Daily Burn would be a good fit for you try it

Also a huge part of my success has been doing it with a friend. We check in with each other everyday after our workout and I have loved that, so find a buddy or  go to Facebook and search for the group Daily Burn Friends :) your welcome to find a friend here