Quotes : on Joy & Control and Truth

Recently I have gone on Facebook Fast days, where I don't look at Facebook for a day or a few days.

It has really given me more time to think and contemplate, and this week this is what I thought about.

I was thinking about what brings people Joy and what robs people of Joy. While there are many find Joy this was the one way I thought of and three points that came to mind

1. Think about when someone is forcing you to do something, and how even if it is a good choice that you might have chosen for yourself, the fact that someone is making you do it robs you of Joy.

2. When I think of a lot of my frustration I have, I realize I am trying to control someone in a situation and it just isn't working my way. That is because we can't control others, and even if we could make a person do something, it still wouldn't bring us or that person the full amount of Joy we seek. I find when I let go of my need to control people or situations, my frustration depressed and leaves more space in my life to experience Joy. I am not burdened by others decisions.

3. When it comes to control, Joy can best be found when focusing on oneself, making decisions, working towards goals, learning new things, accomplishing desires, and developing self mastery

This isn't a new idea, it is a pretty simple universal truth, but truth can grow when you ponder.

5 Ways to Save on Groceries

Plan your Menu's
This will save you in 2 ways
1- If you stick to the list you won't buy other things that can quickly add up
2- Think how much food we throw away... spoiled food/food that has gone bad, every time you throw food away, you are also throwing away your money. With planned meals, your produce won't spoil because you will have a plan for every item you buy

Shop the Sales
When I sit down to plan my menu out I pull the add of the store I am going to (or all grocery ads if I am going to price match at Walmart)

I see what is on sale and try to plan meals around food that is cheap for that week

When there is a super good deal stock up! Some things to consider when stockpiling
1. How much can I use before it expires/ goes bad?
2. How much storage room do I have? How much can I store

Here is my EXAMPLE - I found Beef Roasts for $1.80/lb on Manager special, it would keep in the freezer for 6 months if I do two roasts a month, I would want 12 but my freezer can only hold 8 right now. Sadly though the store only had 6 left and I took all 6 and considered myself lucky!


Stretch your Meat
I would never be able to convince my husband to be a vegitatian and my boys are the same, so this family is eating meat.... but meat is so expensive! I try to cut down the costs by stretching my meat, making meat a smaller part of the meal and adding other things to keep our belly's full

1. Vegtables- have side dishes of salad, potatoes, roasted veggies, and I dish a LARGE serving of sides to go with a smaller portion of meat. Vegetable that are super cheap and filling (potatoes, carrots, and celery (I chop this up fine and add it to everything)
2. Noodles- cutting my meat up and serving it with a ton of noodles
3. Rice, Put your meat on a bed of rice, add rice to your soup, you can even add rice to hamburger paddies, sneak it in where you can to stretch your food
4. Beans-Wash them before (to keep gas at bay, yes I just said gas) beans are hearty and go great with meat
5. Bread- a slice of bread can curb hunger, and make it easier to have that smaller portion of meat and still stay full
6. I have 1 day a week that we would have a vegetarian meal, usually soup for us, but there are many creative meals that are vegetarian

* sometimes dairy can get expensive too and I stretch our dairy
1- Drink Water instead of Milk
2- Eliminate (or use less) cheese and sour cream from certain dishes
3- have apple sauce that month instead of Yogurt
* but I never elminate all of dairy, I just use the cheaper source for that week, because dairy is such an excellent source of calcium, and we LOVE our dairy

Eat Less
I am not suggesting starve, don't do that! but as American we are used to a lot of food we don't need, I decided how many calories I needed to maintain a healthy weight and tried my best to stick to it. Not only was it good for my overall health but it was nice for the pocket book as well

Bonus Tip

I don't take my husband shopping, he sneaks stuff into the cart. We all have our strengths, my husband is amazing at many things, but he realizes I am better at groceries and meal planning so he lets me do it, and tries to stay out of the grocery store :)

Monster Valentines

My kids love monsters inc and monsters university so we made monster valentines

I just cut out paper hearts and strips and we added pipe cleaner, pom poms, and goggly eyes!

Napoleon Dynamite Party 2!

We had so much fun with our first Napoleon Dynamite Party we wanted to do it again! But not the same exact party, this party has fun NEW IDEAS!

First, "Tina, you fat lard, come eat your dinner" for Dinner we had a QUESADILLA BAR. "Make yourself a dang quesadilla" with lots of tortillas and cheese, and other toppings. You can find some brown paper at any DOLLAR TREE store and draw all over it. Isn't my husbands llama drawing freakin awesome!

Then for dessert we did a PEDRO LOVES SUMMER CAKE. (Which my amazing husband made, yum yum!)

We also came up with some freakin' fun things to do

1) CHICKEN WAGES-Remember when Napoleon works in the chickens, "do the chickens have large talons?" and he is paid in change. Well we left out a clear bank with change in it, and had everyone guess how much change was in the bank

2) ANIMAL DRAWINGS- Our animals were inspired by Napoleons favorite animal the LIGER! "it's pretty much my favorite animal. it's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic." We had a jar full of animals and had each person draw an animal. Then, we took a piece of paper and folded it in half, had everyone find a partner and one person drew the top half and the other person drew the bottom half. When they were done they unfolded the paper, named their creation, and gave it a superpower. CLICK HERE for the PRINTABLE

3) PAPER FOOTBALLS- Uncle Rico inspired us with his quote "I bet I could throw a football over those mountains." We made paper footballs and took turns flicking them over our cardboard mountain.

4)A SUMMER PINATA- Pedro gets in trouble for making a piñata that looks like Summer, but everyone at our party loved the piñata and the prizes inside

and then we did some of the old favorites like DEBS PORTRAITS & BOONDOGGLE,

and the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon... which you can find on my other napoleon dynamite party post

and we sent our guests home with this party favor CHAPSTICK "but my lips hurt real bad" You can print off your own and wrap them around a standard chapstick, PRINT HERE

Toy Story Halloween Costumes

If you follow us you already know that we love Cars and Toy Story and have had Birthday Parties for both.

Well this Halloween we went as a Toy Story Family, since that was a bit easier than cars ;)

I love doing themed halloween costumes but I got to always make sure the costume is simple and easy  for my husband. This year all he had to do was slip this over whatever he was wearing. The year before I gave him a black turtle neck, some levi's and told him to wear his glasses and boom he was Steve Jobs


We bought the Buzz Lightyear wings and and hat at a garage sell but we made everything else. The front of Buzz Lightyear was a printable from my sons Toy Story Photo Booth Props. You can get the Free Printable Here

Woody already had levis and a yellow church shirt so we found him a hat and a vest at then dollar store, and I cut a piece of red fabric out for him. 

Jessie, I bought two of the woody vests and cut one up to hot glue to her pants, then I hot glued some yellow felt and red string to a white stained white shirt. I made her wig from yarn by crocheting a beanie hat and then tying the yarn to that base, it was fun to see my bald baby with hair ;)

Potato Heads, I took some tan fabric folded it in half glue most of the sides together, leaving just enough room up top to put our arms through. Then I cut a hole for our heads and glued felt faces on.

My favorite part was the SLINKY Trick or Treat Baskets. I covered took two oatmeal boxes and covered them in brown paper bags. I then took a slinky and poked each end into one of the boxes and hot glued it on. I then hot glued Ribbon for handles (which surprisingly held up) and I hot fluid felt for a face and ears and a little tail on the other box.

This Trick or Treat Box was great for keeping the family together, and moving in the same direction!

We attended our churches annual Trunk-r-Treat. I love Trunk-r-Treats because they are safer and supervised. We decorated our trunk as ANDY'S ROOM using a tablecloth and more of the FREE PRINTABLES from my sons Toy Story Birthday Party. And we had a toy chest that is decorated as Andy's toy chest and we handed our candy out in that, and played songs from the movie!

We had fun with these costumes all year, they were added to the dress up box and brought fun into our house all year long. I call Him Wood Year or Buzz Lighty!

Have fun this halloween!

Toy Story Birthday Party

So my oldest just turned 3 and we celebrated with a toy story party. This is the boys new favorite show. (We finally graduated from CARS)

First was the invite, the famous etch-a-sketch was used in our design. Free Printable Here

Next the DECOR got a roll of sky blue paper from the dollar store, unrolled it , cut it in half and then hung it on the wall for a backdrop, I then cut out white clouds and taped them onto the backdrop. For the table we put a white table cloth down, cut out black spots to go on top and the used a red table cloth, folded for a table runner down the center.

For food we had PIZZA PLANET PIZZA

And for the cake we had the three eyed alien cupcakes! I like cupcakes cause they are smaller then a slice of cake usually is.

Last of all we used our backdrop as a toy story photo booth. My son loved the props and would name which prop belonged to which character. Here is a Free Printable of the TOY STORY Props

Despicable Me - Birthday Party

Got to catch up on some birthdays, this little guy is now 3 years old. so yeah I'm behind ;)

For his first birthday we did a minion theme from the movie "Despicable Me" The boys have a little stuffed minion that giggles and they LOVE it!

I didn't have much time to plan his party, we literally had it 2 days after we moved across the country.

I sent out these announcements,

Despicable Me Invite, Minion Invite

Bought a mini disco ball,

and made ugly minion cupcakes!

Despicable me Cupcake, Minion Cupcake

It was so much fun! I just love it when they are one and you give them a cupcake for the first time.... at first they don't know what to do with it, but they figure it out after a few test licks ;)