A Picture in Motion

Look what I made! It reminds me of a picture from the Daily Prophet off Harry Potter!

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I love designing announcements! Especially Wedding Announcements.

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Napoleon Dynamite Party - LUCKY!

This party is a tribute to my home town, PRESTON, Idaho!
Not only did Napoleon Dynamite put us on the map,
It also brought me fame, 
AND is a great theme for a party!

First we had to have a great invitation. My awful handwriting finally came in handy and my talented husband used his great artistic skills and drew an awesome Liger! "a mix between a lion and tiger with mystical powers"

Here is a FREE PRINTABLE of the invite for you

We started out by throwing our STEAKS on the grill (chicken for the sissy's) and had some TATER TOTS as a side "Napoleon give me your tots!" Then washed that all down with 1% milk "I see you're drink 1% Milk, is that cause you think your fat? cause you're not, you could drink whole if you want"

Then we sat around and watched the Napoleon Dyamite Animated TV Show, the shows are so funny, and completely true! You can buy a show on Amazon for $1.99 or the whole season for $9.99 and stream instantly CLICK HERE 

While we were watching and laughing we were also keeping our hands busy with some Boon Doggle 
"Pedro offers you his protection"

And no one can leave one of my party's without pictures! Deb's Portraits was one of my favorite parts! 
"now imagine you're weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little sea horses"

Some other Napoleon Dynamite party ideas are...
Steak Throwing Contest
Play Football
Bike and RollerBlade Race
Play Tether Ball
Have a Dancing Contest
OR Make your own dang Quesadilla's instead of Steak

After everyone left mom and I sat down to practice our Napoleon Drawing Skills. Playing pictionary using a word list I compiled from the movie. Which you can grab HERE

So go have some fun and laughs, have your own 
flipping sweet napoleon dynamite party, LUCKY!

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