Recommended Kid Toys - Ages 1-2

Christmas is around the corner, and so I am going to let you know what toys are a hit at our house
This is like water colors, only without the mess! The kids like this better because their little uncoordinated strokes, still make big color. I like it because it is reusable! That's right, when it dry's you can paint it again.
The kids LOVE this, they could go in circles all day through the tunnel and the Tent is also fun for them to play in. I like it because when they are done it all folds down flat for storage, no bulky toys taking up space around the house

My kids loved this toy when they were really little and just bearly learning to play with toys, and they haven't grown out of it yet, as they grow they get excited about putting the right animal in or the right color, and counting

My middle boy used to sleep with this every night, he just loved the music and the light.

You can never go wrong with their favorite toy from their favorite movie or show (which is cars in our house) Not only will you get big smiles and squeals when they open their present but they also will play with the toy every day!