Relief Society Activities Committee Planner

This is my most recent calling at church as you can probably tell by my latest posts. I love this calling! I love planning events and this calling fulfills me. On the other hand, my life is also SUPER BUSY. I have 4 kids and they are all still young and have many needs for me to attend to. I also have my relationship with my husband that I need to devote time to. I just find these days my time needs to be used wisely so that its not being taken away from the people I love most.

For this reason, I was hoping our meetings would be efficient and our committee has met those expectations. They are so awesome! For our planning our meetings we meet an hour exactly. We come on time, we end on time, and I just love it :) We have learned to be super productive in our meetings and this agenda will only help maximize our time together.

I was able to whip this up really quick. It has everything we need and nothing more. It is four pages front and back, has a lovely cover and a monthly activity planner page for each month.

It also has a page where you can list Sister needs that the RS Presidency and the Bishop have shared with you, followed by a space to keep a list of activity ideas you have. AND there is a page that has a checklist of things that you can go through for each activity to make sure you've planned all the details, and haven't missed anything.

This design is free, if you do decide to use this awesome design please share this post on your social media so others can use it too. You can get this FREE PRINTABLE by clicking the words Please Share :) Just print the file double sided front and back, and then fold in half. Hope you love it and thanks for dropping by! While you are planning check out two of our ideas!

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