Books read Beginning of 2018 and REVIEWS

******SC AWARD I want everyone I meet to read these books, no matter who you are.
*****5 STARS I loved this book you should read it if you like this genre or want to try this genre
**** 4 STARS This is a good book if you have time read these. I enjoyed them.
*** 3 STARS This book is ok, you can read it but there are probably better books to read
** 2 STARS I don't like this book and don't recommend it. Simple as that.
* 1 STAR I would encourage people not to waste there time, I really didn't like this book.

Nothing to Envy : Ordinary Lives in North Korea - by Barbara Demick ******SC AWARD
This book includes a history of Korea and follows peoples lives there from after WW2 up to 2009. The author was so talented the way she wove all the perspectives together along with the history. She gives you so much to think about. Freedom, food, daily simple pleasures, I have a whole new perspective on North Korea, along with South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia. It also made me think of the United States, our history and today. I also thought of immigration laws, refuges, and aliens. Defiantly a good book to better shape your opinions about the world around you

Just Mercy - by Bryan Stevenson ****** SC AWARD
I originally picked up this book just because the true story, of a lawyer who defends people on death row, sounded interesting to me. I got so much from this book. It left me thinking about racism and prejudices in general. It had me thinking about justice and injustice and most importantly Mercy. I am religious and felt like I had a good understanding of Mercy, but our knowledge can always expand and I with the grown understanding I have gained from this book,  I feel ready to be more merciful to myself and those around me. 

"Embracing our 
Brokenness creates a need and desire for Mercy and perhaps a corresponding need to show Mercy"

The Emperor's Soul - by Brandon Sanderson ***** 5 star book
I am not a huge fan of science fiction but have found a few works I enjoy. I like most of the books Brandon Sanderson writes. His books are usually long and many are series but this is a quick read and can I say again, I really enjoyed it, it as good as his other works but not a huge commitment

Lady Susan - by Jane Austen ***** 5 star book
Jane Austen is one of the most well known authors, which is why I find it so interesting that very few people have read her Novella, Lady Susan. In this book her main character is a Villian and most of the book is written in letters. It is my favorite of all of Jane Austen written works, not because it is her best story but it is the most enjoyable read for me.

Room-  by Emma Donoghue **** 4 star book
I can't say what I really think without giving away the ending but if you read it and want to talk to me about it, I do have a lot to say about this book, for now I will leave the summary of the back of the book for you to look at

"To five-year-old Jack, Room is the entire world. It is where he was born and grew up; it's where he lives with his Ma as they learn and read and eat and sleep and play. At night, his Ma shuts him safely in the wardrobe, where he is meant to be asleep when Old Nick visits. 

Room is home to Jack, but to Ma, it is the prison where Old Nick has held her captive for seven years. Through determination, ingenuity, and fierce motherly love, Ma has created a life for Jack. But she knows it's not enough...not for her or for him. She devises a bold escape plan, one that relies on her young son's bravery and a lot of luck. What she does not realize is just how unprepared she is for the plan to actually work. "

Arabella - by Georgette Heyer **** 4 star book
If you like Jane Austen I am going to introduce you to who I personally think is a little better. Why is she not as well known, she didn't start writing until 100 years later and all of her stuff is still copy righted and people can't make movies or spin offs. But maybe in the future her amazingness will be made into films and everyone will discover her. This book is a comical romance. Almost 5 stars, it just had a slow beginning that I didn’t think was relevant or at least could have been shortened. Defiantly read it if you like Jane Austen.

The Westing Game - by Ellen Raskin **** 4 star book
Defiantly a good mystery. Kept me very engaged the whole book trying to keep people and clues straight and trying to solve what felt like 17 mystery’s. It all tied up wonderfully too. Warning :  This book defiantly takes your full attention.

Encouraging Your Childs Imagination - by Carol Bouzoukis **** 4 star book
A nonfiction book that has some great ideas on introducing kids to acting. Simple stories, not many lines, lots of good ideas. Plays can be done at home at night for bed time or made into a full production with practices. This book wouldn't be for everyone but if you are a mom looking for something fun to do with the kids, or a teacher, I think this would be a fun read.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Cafe by the Sea - by Jenny Colgen *** 3 star book
Would have been cool if it was a memoir but it’s just a novel and didn’t do enough for me. Now while the following wouldn't offend others, it wasn't my cup of  tea and I am going to write it for other people like me who would want to know before picking up a book. There is a lot of unnecessary swearing. There is also sexual tension the whole book that ends with a sex scene I had to skip through that made me feel awkward. Just a heads up for others. 

Heartless - by Marissa Meyer *** 3 star book
This Author wrote Cinder series, which I enjoyed. I was hoping she could twist Alice in wonderland into a better tale but alas I dislike this story as much as Alice in wonderland. The beginning was to juvenile for me. The middle really picked up and I was quite excited. The end got strange and left me unsatisfied. The author is a creative genius. I will admit that and her cleverness wasn’t lost on me I just didn’t enjoy the journey as a whole. SPOILER - She is talented in writing books for villans but I enjoyed her cinder villain book better.

Siren - by  Kira Cass **2 star book
I should have known I didn't love selection but they were okay and an easy series to fly though. I was hoping for another easy read on an intriguing idea but it was painful to read. I kept with it hoping there would be a good twist or revelation at the end. Which there wasn’t.

One for the Money - by Janet Evenovich **2 star book 
I read it because if it was good enough to be a movie I thought the read would be good enough for an easy read but I wasn’t impressed and I wouldn’t say this is a very wholesome book. Doesn’t have my recommendation.

Joan of Arc : a History - by Helen Castor *1 star book
Only a third of this book is about Joan of Arch and it seems there isn’t enough historical accounts to learn many details about her story. I would only recommend this book if you want to know about Frances military history. It was a drag for me to get through.
As always my number one book I recommend is THE BOOK OF MORMON-ANOTHER TESTAMENT OF JESUS CHRIST
I am Christian and I believe that any text that can bring us closer to Christ is worth the read. If we could all be more like Christ there would be harmony in the world. As we come closer Christ we come closer to each other. We have more love for each other and ourselves. Through Christ we can become better people and be forgiven for our misdeeds. We learn to accept his Grace and see that blessing in our life, we too learn to give Grace to others and ourselves. Though the Book of  Mormon, the Holy Bible, and other religious texts we find a better life that brings true happiness. If you want to read some of my favorite quotes click here. You can also get a free copy on that link