CARS Birthday Cake

It was my sons second birthday, and he just loves CARS and CARS 2, so that was what we did for his birthday party. I wanted to make a themed cake and we didn't have much time. So this cake worked perfect, just a standard rectangle cake, a number 2 road, and some new cars, which doubled as his present.

I made the buildings with an old cereal box. Then we took some ornament hangers off our christmas tree...yes our tree is still up... we shaped the hangers to hang Flin off the side of a building, since Finn driving up the side of the building in CARS 2, is my sons favorite part. I even put a car crash, since it's a boys cake. 

I gave him a big piece of cake, thinking I was spoiling him! But he only ate two bites and left the rest for me. It was a fun FUN birthday!