The morning came, when I woke up next to my Husband and realized the life I had when I was single was gone, my old hobbies just couldn't be apart of my new life.  It was a weird sensation, it was like starting over... I felt like a little kid again with the teacher asking me, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How was I suppose to know?!  The days that followed, boredom became my companion. I was going CRAZY and needed to find something to do...FAST. 

That is when I  found my first new hobby...Planning Dates/Parties! It was perfect, it would keep me busy and give my husband I something fun to do together after a long day. My first Party I threw as a wife was my CLUE PARTY and you can find all the free PRINTABLE'S HERE

So I picked two couples I thought would get into the party theme and assigned them all Characters. I made these great announcements I took green card stock and put two sheets together, on the front I had a picture of clue and on the back I had the invitation, I also used a razor to cut two slits into the paper in one slit I put cards of the characters they were supposed to be and in the second slit I put two weapons for them to bring. Then I stuck the whole thing in a one of those tan envelopes and wrote confidential on front to make it look like the envelope you use in the game.
We had dinner together and admired everyones costumes. Then we broke out the board game and played a good old game of clue.
It was Mr. Green, in the Lounge with the Candlestick. Watch out Miss Scarlet!

After the game we took pictures and watched the movie "Clue." For those of you who haven't seen the movie it is great a comedy, mystery.

On a side not I just want to brag that Ms. White and Professor Plum had their first date at our house and are now happily married. My first Party planned was a success

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