Quotes to Inspire

I heard two quotes this week that really inspired me and I decided to make some designs to print off and use around my house

Here is the first one from Elaine S Daltons talk at the 185th General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I love this quote because as a mother and house wife the routine and become tedious and there isn't much acknowledgement for the things you do. But this gave that encouragement and fire to do my part WELL, to do it the best I can, because my part does matter and it is important

Also the symbols on this quote are significant. This is called a "magic square" and each of those symbols stand for a number. (Count the sides of the polynomials and that is the number it stands for the x is 10 and the || is a 2) You can then add the rows, columns, or diagonals and all three numbers will add up to 18. This adds to the quote because if you move any of the numbers it will no longer add up to 18 in all directions and no longer be a magic square. Every number has in important place and their place matters!

Here is the second quote from David A. Bednar from the 185th Conference of The Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

This quote just inspired me to think deeper about sin, and I loved how the metaphor added to my understanding of sin. I thought it was worth sharing as well.

If you want to be inspired, there were many good talks at the 185th Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I love doing designs like this for my house, and I love designing wedding announcements too!