Paper Nativity Craft

This craft is fun and easy to make and share. We like to mail them missionaries, soldiers that are deployed during Christmas, and other loved ones that live far away.

1)take any piece of paper 
2-3)fold it one or two times to the length you want 
4-6) then one or two times the other direction to make it square
7-8) now that your paper is square fold each corner to the center
9-10) then fold just the tip of each point back
11-12) flip it over and put Baby Jesus on top

1) take a paper fold it in half and cut a notch out of both sides then unfold
2) with white side face up, fold the top of the paper down
3) fold in half with colored sides facing each other 
4) bring corner of the folded top down and fold down leaving a 
bit of white on the folded side, same thing on the other side
5) fold each side in on the loose edge
6-7) one more fold that looks like this on each side
9) if it stands up  you did it right
For the WISEMEN glue anything to look like treasure
For the SHEPHERDS and ANGEL use pipe cleaner
For MARY you can cut the bottom down to make her shorter

1) this is the folder that doubles as a background
2) take a manila folder and cut it into this shape
where my thumb is holding the envelope that is where you fold up
3-4) here are close ups 3 of the left side 4 on the right side
5) fold the edges, glue them and place your people inside

I hope you have fun creating these and sharing them!
Christmas is a special time to celebrate the birth of 
Jesus Christ and this craft is perfect for the season.

May the true spirit of Christmas be with you