What I learned about myself while potty training my boy.

It is always so surprising how much I learn about myself from my kids, and potty training was one of those experiences

1. I have a short attention span- I always thought I  had a great attention span, but I realized if I don't find something interesting, I could be watching or looking at something, but none of it is registering because my mind is elsewhere thinking about things that do interest me. I just didn't know that about myself until I tried to watch my sons little bottom non stop for days on end.

2. I take my kids successes and failures too personal- I think it is good that I recognized this early in my kids life, so that I can work on this. I need to only feel accountable for my OWN successes and failures. When it comes to my kids I need to be a rock of support and love and let their successes and failures be theirs to learn from.

3. It is harder to do a lot of nothing than it is to do a lot of something- I already knew this but potty training my boy really brought this lesson home to me, as I spent my days getting nothing done, so I could have eyes on my son, literally every waking hour

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Also this boy has proven harder to potty train than the first. I have a 3 kids under 3 and so I'm having a hard time dedicating all my time to potty training and I think that is the root of the problem... if any one has advise or tips on how to entertain one toddler, while potty training another, with a 4 month old that I'm breastfeeding... well your advice would be welcomed ;)