Reindeer Ornaments

Growing up, I have memories of my mom make a bunch of ornaments for our themed tree. One of my favorites she made were these Reindeer ornaments

They were my favorite because she would hide chocolate Kisses inside 

This year I made some for my tree and some to give away. I love these little deer they fill me with Christmas memories from my childhood, and memories of my dear mother who always filled every holiday with cheer!

I used my mom's pattern but tried to put my own spin on them by adding some color...


1) Cut plastic canvas 10x10 squares

2) Thread yarn back and forth top to bottom

3) Sew two sides of two together with the yarn

4) Sew two sides of the bottom one, to two sides of the third piece together.

5) There will be two sides of two squares left untouched. Sew around all four edges separately (don't sew them together like you did with the past sides) so there will be an opening for the mouth.

6) Add all the fun stuff! Some antlers made from pipe cleaner (I just poke them through and twist them), some goggly eyes, and a fuzzy nose (I hot glue both the eyes and nose)! 

7) Add Chocolate Kisses for extra fun!


And if you want more Christmas fun! How about this Whoville ChristmasParty ?!

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  1. I have made these for years,every Christmas my co-workers and family ask me if I'm making the "give me a kiss" ornament..I have turned them into frogs,dogs,cats,bears..just change the ears!!!