Service Auction - Relief Society Activity

For our Relief Society activity we decided to do a Service Auction, and it was so much fun that I had to share it with everyone!

We had the woman in our group earn points the weeks before our activity. This is the sheet we used

Everyone also donated service. Some people Donated Baked Goods - Rolls, Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cheesecake which took the top bid. Other things donate were....
Cleaning Bathrooms
Girls Night out
Family History Help
Photography Session
Chinese Lessons
FHE Message

I have the certificates we used below along with the sheet we used
to sign up for donations AND later we used it to record who took everything

After we recorded who received all the service. We passed the sheet around a few weeks after the activity so that everyone could get in contact with each other. 

Also that night, after we gave the woman who were on time their points, we had them total their points and just subtracted their points when they came up to get their certificate.
THE KEY to a successful night is to find a fun Auctioneer and Vanna White. 
Vanna White should model all the items even if it is just the certificate and help the Auctioneer see people who are less aggressive bidders

The Auctioneer should keep the night lively, fun, and moving.

Our Auctioneer was Witty and fun and made our night a HUGE success! 

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