November 22, 2008

I have lived 2 lives, one from birth till November 22, 2008 and the other from November 22, 2008 till now. . .

Before I met Jon, I would have describe my life as
Pageants, Ballroom Dancing, and School.

I was apart of the Miss America Program for 3 years and LOVED every second of it, of course the pretty dresses and the crowns were thrilling, but I really fell in love with the opportunities it brought to share my talents and to give back to my community through the Children's Miracle Network and my platform "Awareness and Education of the Deaf Community". Opportunities I never would have had outside of this program. It also paid for most of my schooling which was the second thing that I did in my past life.

I was the going to be the super senior of college, I could never pick a major because I wanted to learn about everything, and that didn't bother me, I just loved exploring the vast fields of knowledge in front of me and didn't want to be confined to a corner quite yet.

And then there was DANCING!!! My passion.... I was on a Ballroom team, in Dance classes, teaching a Jr. High Dance Class, and was the Instructor for Latin Dancing at my university. My week was filled with dancing and all my spare time went into movin to the music.

NOVEMBER 22, 2008

So this was this was the BIGGEST and BEST DAY of my life bigger then shiny crowns, poofy gowns, swinging music, dancing heels, or the cha-cha. This is the day I married the most incredible man in the world and started "my new LIFE as a WIFE"

So getting married, meant giving up some stuff, no more Miss America Local Pageants (those are for single woman) and no more dancing. I only partner danced and personally don't want to dance with any other man except my husband (and it's my life goal to turn him into a dancer) but till that day came, I had to figure out how to occupy all this time that was no longer taken up by my OLD HOBBIES....

There was Cleaning, and Laundry, and More Cleaning, and Organizing. Now I enjoy an orderly house, but these things defiantly are not fun or exciting. There was cooking which I loved until I realized meals were 3 times a day everyday, and cooking became mostly a chore and occasionally a fun thing. I quickly learned that while I could do and was willing to do all the WIFE stuff, I needed something FUN in my life, for me, something to look forward to when I was done with all those yucky dishes...

AND this BLOG will take you on my journey through LIFE as a WIFE