Murder Mystery Mardi Gras

My mom knows how much I enjoy planning group dates so she bought me this game.

What I loved about this game, is that it has the whole date already planned, 
you just invite people...

dress up.... 

and enjoy some food together as you play.... (we did party food, appetizers and desserts)
Decorations aren't a must, but were way fun to buy and put up
I have never celebrated Mardi Gras, infact I had to look up when Mardi Gras was. 
This game was lots of fun and the most appropriate way to celebrate this risque holiday.

I recommend the games 100%, have fun!

Help Husband Plan Our Valentines Day Date

Dave at is a great inspiration for this Date Idea. To see his take on this date and look at some other romantic date ideas, click the link above!

SO... February 14th was coming and my husband was busy busy with school, work, and applying to grad school. Was it really fair for me to remind him that it was his year to plan Valentines Day? So I thought I would help him out and this is a great idea to get husbands involved in the planning.

valentine s day date

Every day I texted him a question, "do you like it hard or soft", "do you like it hot or cold", "do you like it fast or slow", "do you like it wet or dry" and so on ... and every day he picked one or the other, which in the end, ended up planning our date.

Wet or Dry - meal - alfrado or chicken fingers
 Hott or Cold - desert- pie or ice-cream 
 Fast or Slow - activity - airhockey or billiards/ laser tag or minature golf. 
          Hard or Soft - gift - hammer or socks (practical gifts, we are poor collage students)
it was alot of fun... He loved the suspense.... and I loved that he was planning our romantic date

Valentine Date Ideas