Sesame Street Party - 1st Birthday

 FIRST Birthday
Sesame Street Party - 1st Birthday
So it started here with the announcements. I recreated the sesame street sign and customized it for my son, then printed all the information on the back.

Sesame Street Party ideas - invitations - free printable
I have the blank template I made that you can download for free here 

For Decorations we made our kitchen hallway into a street, which was my husbands idea, he is actually way more creative then I am, and usually gives me the best ideas.

Then I made characters out of construction paper and hung them up everywhere

The night before the birthday party, we made sesame cupcakes as a family. My husband and I had a blast, but I think it confused our son, because all night we wouldn't let him eat the cupcakes and then the next day we are begging him to smash it in his face! Poor kid.

Sesame Street Party Cupcakes

I can't believe I am the mother of a one year old, and soon to be the mother of 2 BOYS! I have a feeling that the years are going to just start flying by faster and faster....


  1. Thank you for sharing the sesame street signs. How did your write your child's name on there with out showing a text box? I can not figure it out.

  2. How were you able to type inside the sesame street sign template?

  3. Thanks for stopping by sclifeasawife! For the printable, download the PDF and open it in you preferred program. Then put a text box on top of the picture make the font white and type away.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I am planning my sons 2nd Bday party and all of your ideas help us out a great deal, we have done a trial of the cupcakes already, have goodie bags made and was looking for tag ideas. Your decorations are great as well.