Matching Crochet Hats

Crochet is a hobby I picked up, because it gave me something to do while I watched TV, and I could try and justify that I wasn't wasting my time...TRY is the key word.

My first Crochet project was matching hats for the family, a complete necessity for family pictures for our christmas card!

The pattern is really easy for those who know crochet. (For those of you who have never crocheted before, this will be way to confusing...)

Chain 8 and then slip stitch into the first loop of the chain to make a circle
chain 2 and then fill the circle with double crochet's ending with a slip stitch
Next row chain two and double crochet 2 in every hole, with a slip stitch at the end
Next row chain two and double crochet 2 in the 1st hole, 1 in the next, then 2, then 1... end ss
" " dc 2 in the first hole, 1 in the next, then 1, 2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1 " "
so this row the pattern is 2,1,1,1,2,1,1,1 and every row you keep adding 1 until it is wide enough
Now to make in long, stitch 1 double crochet for the rest of the rows until it is long enough.
Then I just winged the ears, and finished it with a single crochet around the whole bottom, including the ears. At the end of the ears I strung some yarn through, braided it, and tied a knot in the bottom.

Our Christmas Cards turned out to be very cute, although I noticed we didn't pick any of the pictures with our matching hats! Don't worry it wasn't a complete waste, a winter hat never goes to waste during an Idaho Winter

The FATE Burger DATE- A Great Grilling Date Idea

My husband and I love this group date, especially in the summer when we can use our grill.
It's easy
It's fun

Fate Burger Date l Grilling Party Ideas

First find a group of friends (don't invite your picky eater friends to this party)

Then make a long list of burger toppings
Different types of Chesse

and make sure to include some non traditional ones
Onion Rings
French Fries
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Different sauces (A1, Ranch, BBQ, Peanut Butter & Jelly)
Fried Egg (don't judge until you try it, WOW)

Split the toppings up with your friends so everyone is contributing
Fate Burger l Grilling Party Ideas
When everyone shows up the girls usually prepare all the toppings, and bake some fries, while the MEN go and play with fire and GRILL and do all that MAN stuff (Grunt Grunt)

Fun Date Ideas l Fate Burger
Then we take all of our toppings and put them on a dart board, but you could pull them out of a hat, or put them on a spinner, anything that makes choice random, and puts FATE in charge.

Here is the fun! We throw darts (but you could draw toppings out of a bowl) for 3-4 different toppings, we made a rule you can swap one of the toppings but we encourage everyone to stick with their FATE BURGER
Fate Burger l Cooking Date Ideas
I have had some of the most unique, yet incredibly delicious burgers EVER, from this DATE.

We give this date 5 Stars, 2 thumbs up, and an A+