Quotes : on Joy & Control and Truth

Recently I have gone on Facebook Fast days, where I don't look at Facebook for a day or a few days.

It has really given me more time to think and contemplate, and this week this is what I thought about.

I was thinking about what brings people Joy and what robs people of Joy. While there are many find Joy this was the one way I thought of and three points that came to mind

1. Think about when someone is forcing you to do something, and how even if it is a good choice that you might have chosen for yourself, the fact that someone is making you do it robs you of Joy.

2. When I think of a lot of my frustration I have, I realize I am trying to control someone in a situation and it just isn't working my way. That is because we can't control others, and even if we could make a person do something, it still wouldn't bring us or that person the full amount of Joy we seek. I find when I let go of my need to control people or situations, my frustration depressed and leaves more space in my life to experience Joy. I am not burdened by others decisions.

3. When it comes to control, Joy can best be found when focusing on oneself, making decisions, working towards goals, learning new things, accomplishing desires, and developing self mastery

This isn't a new idea, it is a pretty simple universal truth, but truth can grow when you ponder.

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