Messy Fun-1

My Boys LOVE messy play and this was a fun new one we tried.

Cornstarch and shaving cream. I put both of them in a pan. They enjoyed feeling each separate and then mixing them together.

It was messy but well worth the fun and memories. I even had fun feeling them together. I've never just played with shaving cream or cornstarch so it was new and fun for ME too!


  1. I love using shaving cream and glue to make puffy art! My son is 10 and growing out of the whole crafts thing.. I miss those days!

    1. I will have to try that! Thank You so much for the suggestion. It is hard to keep these two toddlers entertained all 7 day days of every week. This idea is sure to save me on one of these up coming days. Also love your blog, good luck on your little bump, you are getting close!