Becoming a Photographer

So my sister, who is incredibly beautiful, asked me to do her senior pictures and graduation announcement. I was of course honored that she had so much faith in me and started surfing the internet looking at poses and designs. She came up to visit and we took pictures for TWO DAYS. She was such a good model, it was hard to take a bad picture of her, she is so cute. She was SO patient with me as I was learning and trying new things.

Together we came out with some great pictures and an incredible announcement.

SLC Photographer l  Cache Valley Photographer l Preston Idaho Photographer l Franklin County Idaho Photographer

I hung the announcement up on my fridge proudly and when my husband came home and saw it he turned to me and said, " this is really should do this for real" and if you've read my past posts you know my husband is amazing but I have to brag again. 

The next day he found a SLR camera for me, bought it, and asked me to start taking pictures. I never could have bought a camera that nice for myself and by buying it for me he helped me do something I never dreamed I would be able to do. He not only makes my dreams come true but he creates them. And that is how I became a photographer!

My work, pictures and designs, can be found at

I currently am a photographer for SLC Valley in Utah, Cache Valley Utah, and Franklin County Idaho

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