A Halloween Costume for the Pregnant Lady

One of the funnest family home evenings my husband and I have had was making our halloween costumes together. I was 7 months pregnant with our first and decided to do the old bun in the oven idea.

Pregnant Halloween Costumes
We got a huge box from the local movie theater and then turned it inside out and taped it all up again. The we used tin foil, construction paper to decorate it. We cut the holes with razor cutter and it was so funny because when I tried it on to see if I would fit I got stuck in the box and couldn't get out.

My husband was rolling on the floor laughing. My husband also wanted the front to open so people could see my belly and see our ultrasound pictures, so he used two magnets to make it open and shut.

JON's costume was way easy, he just threw on an apron and then we took a strip of poster board, taped tissue paper to it and wrapped it around his head. He made one good lookin Baker ;)

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